Monday, January 17, 2011

I’m Still Here!

Wow…how long has it been, my friends??  Seems like forever since I blogged, but if you recall, I started my new job.  You know the one….I mentioned it HERE …. and I talked about leaving my old job HERE. 

So, when I interviewed for the new job, I had an IDEA of what I would be doing.  You know the drill for a Restorative Nurse….track the incontinence (this means keep tabs on the peeing people), track the incidents (this means making sure NO-ONE and I mean NO. ONE.  falls on the floor!), and also writing programs for those residents that have graduated from physical therapy.

Sounds easy enough, yes?? 



I am busy as hell!  I get in there and I work from the moment my feet step over the thresh-hold of the 300 Unit until my over-worked feet step over that very same thresh-hold when my brain can no long comprehend even where my office is.

Seriously.  From this:


starting line


To this:




I’ve had days of training.  I’ve been to meeting upon meeting upon meeting!  I’ve been signed up for a seminar, I’ve been invited to a conference on “Falls”….

My head is spinning with all the new information I’ve been handed.

I want to get it right.  When those surveyors come in and request “information” from ME, I don’t want to look stupid.  I want to have the answers.  The one guy from corporate that came to train me some said that when the surveyors come in and ask “Who keeps track of the falls?”….




You got it….in your face, baby!  Well, in MY face, that is….

You see, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ultimately responsible for the outcome of these “incidents”. 




  It’s a little scary…but I can do this. 


On the other hand….my previous employer….not so much.  You see, when I was told they had my homecare patients “covered” so why not make that day my  last??  Yep….they were “covered” by my supervisor/the OWNER….Oh Yeah….Do you think she still has it “covered”????




So, as much as I truly miss my little lovelies (homecare patients), I absolutely positively without a doubt am loving my new job!

I love the challenge, that is for sure!

How about you?  Do you love YOUR job??


JKP said...

So happy to hear you are in a job you love. I love my job, too. It's important to do something you love.

NikkiDarlin' said...

Well tonight my job was cleaning the bath tub after my daughter pooped in it. Yup lovin' my job! Glad your liking your job!

Frugal Vicki said...

I'm glad you are much happier at your job. When I am old and broken I will hire you.

Rebecca said...

Wow...sounds like a huge challenge, but it also sounds like you're digging in!

My job is cool...thanks for asking!

gayle said...

So glad you like your new job! I just want to retire!

Kat said...

I LOVE MY JOB! I'm glad you love yours :) And you will do FINE :)