Wednesday, September 8, 2010


K….I haven’t participated in this one in a while, but as my life goes, I have quite a few What The Hell Moments.  Don’t you??  If so, go link up with the wonderful gals at Blue Monkey Butt!!  They also have moments like these, and they love to read about yours!!


Blue Monkey Butt


So today I went to Steak-n-Shake for lunch.  Shhhhhhh…do NOT tell thy spouse!!  I swear, it’s only because I was starving, and I didn’t have breakfast or lunch and it was already 2pm…and I was starving!!  Oh…I already said that, didn’t I??  Anyways….I ordered a Frisco Melt, my usual….oh, ummm, wait, I don’t have a USUAL because ummm…yes, I never eat there.  Anywhoozle, the girl taking my order at the drive through sounded like she was like 14 years old or something. 

Now, mind you, a Frisco Melt is, by definition, one Steakburger topped with American cheese, another one is topped with Swiss.  Then comes a layer of Frisco sauce, and it’s all sandwiched between pieces of sourdough bread. 


The key words here people are FRISCO and SAUCE…making it a FRISCO MELT instead of just a fucking patty melt.  So, what does the 14-year-old-sounding-order-taker ask?? 

“Do you want Thousand Island Dressing on that?”






If I wanted a patty melt, I would have ordered a patty melt and NOT a Frisco Melt, right??

Oh, and she also asked if I wanted salt or ketchup packets “put in my sack”…..

First of all….Um…no!!!!   Don’t you think your fried steakburger and medium fries have enough sodium in them??  Yeah…I think so….not that I had fries or anything…

I’m just sayin.

Secondly, who the fuck calls your take out bag a “sack”??? 

Seriously….What the hell??

So, I drive on up after the long pause after I said no to the salt and ketchup packets being put in my SACK, and guess what??

The 14-year-old-sounding-order-taker was wearing a wedding ring.


So here I am feeling I have to be nice to her because this is probably her first day on her first job ever….and look…she’s married!!

And NOT 14.



Pretty eyes though….



What the freakin’ hell?? 

You’re NOT 14 and this is NOT your first job evahhh and you are probably more like 24 and I do not need to feel sorry for you because you probably spent your college money on those tattoos and piercings when you should have spent it on learning how to deal with people in general without sounding like a complete arse.

And ya know what else?  She told me to watch out because the “fries were fresh”.  What do you think she meant by this??  It couldn’t have been that they were JUST MADE fresh because by the time I got to the parking lot next to Steak-n-Shake, they were cold and wet-like….

Ewwww….what the soggy-fry HELL??

There ya have it….My What the Hell Moment in a nutshell.

I hope you all have some WTH moments, and then some!!  Go link up and enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

how about the kids that man the registers and can only make change by counting out what the register tells them. Once in awhile for somehting thats $18.48 I give them a 20 and the change... it really makes them sweat..WTH

Kat said...

Ewwww to those fries! I'd have taken them back and fucked with her all afternoon :)