Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It’s Post-It Note Tuesday with Supah over on her blog….really, you should link up and have fun with it.  This is my favorite day of the week, in fact, I forego many a-thing just so I can get my Tuesday post-its done.  Shhh…..don’t tell my patient that I really didn’t get mugged in the Walmart parking lot and that I’m really not at the police station making a report right now…shhhhhh….they won’t believe you anyways!!

So, link up!!



Ok, so this past weekend we had to have some trees taken down.  My spouse asked if my BFF’s spouse would want to help.  He said yes.  He came with his brother and also his cousin.  They came over before I got home from work so I don’t really know what the specific “plan” was in regards to the tree-cutting procedure, but what I DO know is that it didn’t go as “PLANNED”.



















So, the tree came down and took out half of the tree I had planted 9 years ago as a memorial to my baby Nathan.  (Will tell that story some day).  The spouse was ticked, didn’t hide it well, I felt bad, my BFF felt bad, my BFF’s spouse felt bad, my BFF’s spouse was getting irritated, the BFF’s spouse’s brother and cousin were pretty quiet…..

….it was extremely TENSE in my back yard at that moment.

What’s done is done.  But I did learn a few things….







Fucked up…the whole damn situation was fucked up.  Speaking of “fucked”…..omg….get this!!

You know those quizzes on Facebook?  Yeah, you know, the ones that make you answer the most stupid questions that have nothing to do with the answer you are are tyring to find out.  Like “What Movie Star are you Most Like?”  “How many children will you have?”  “When will you Die?”  Well, anyways, I don’t make a habit of taking these quizzes, but I saw someone took the one “How Happy Are You?”  and I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Now, mind you, if you don’t like your results, you can choose

DO NOT POST to your Facebook wall.

I was 37% happy.  Ahhh…no big deal, right?  It was a bad day. 

Then I took one called…..

Quiz: What kind of loveee do you attract?

I think it was supposed to be What Kind of LOVE or LOVER do you attract…..

Anyfuckedupquiz, my results???

Results: fucked

Your relationships are usually not the best. but you overlook it because you have such a big heart. You usually end up depressed by the end of the night. This is because people find it easy to be mean to you. You're holding onto something thats not there. you just can't see it just yet.

The comments I received on this?


  • My Sis:    Wow!

  • My Spouse:      WTF


    My comment??

    • Me:  whaaaat??!? Who did this quiz??
















    Happy Tuesday!!


    Dual Mom said...

    Well Terry least you picked an appropriate post title. Geeshh...all of that is seriously f'ed.

    Rebecca said...

    Ugh...Husband would have been the same way about the tree...some people can't get a grip soon enough to hide the beast inside.

    The quiz thing is kind of funny, but FB pisses me off like that. It's annoying when they do what they want to do...especially when you don't want people to know you're taking those quizzes in the first place!

    Kimberly said...

    I love reading your blog... keep up the great work!
    Swing by my blog to pick up an award for being awesome!

    All the best,

    Small Town Girl said...

    You are so right about the xanax and a pinch you can use valium and gin and tonic. I know these things are seriously stressful and fucked up, but you definitely gave me a chuckle.

    Frugal Vicki said...

    Stupid facebook, it is nothing but trouble

    Tina said...

    Ummm I'm speechless. Ya I don't think we should get the guys together anymore.... my nerves can't handle it. LOL