Friday, August 19, 2011

What Makes Me Happy?

I’ve been thinking lately and trying to focus on only what makes me happy.  I’m tired of bitching at the spouse about not taking out the trash.  I’m tired of nearly chaining my teen to her room to get her to clean it.  I’m tired of threatening the two short people that live here, aka the 3 and 4 year old, that I’m about to get out my trash bag so they better start picking up the toys that they don’t want out on the curb come Sunday night.  I’m tired of the insane drivers out there that can’t seem to wait their turn.  Blow your horn at me one more fucking time and it’s WAR, baby, W. A. R.

I’m tired of ignorant, nasty, rude people.  Don’t pretend you don’t know who you are.  Seriously.  Asshats.





So….what DOES make me happy? 

I’ve made a list.

  • The short people that live here falling asleep before 8pm.
  • The teen actually doing what is asked of her.
  • The trash taken out before I have to roll my eyes and groan that not even the piece of lint I picked up off the floor will fit in.
  • A new bag in the trash can on the rare occasion I’m not the one that has taken it out.  (Doesn’t it suck when you throw something away and realize there is no fucking bag AFTER the trash has left your hand???)
  • Caribou Coffee….specifically a White Chocolate Mocha No Whip please.  These are da bomb!!  If could marry one, I would.


images (6)


  • A cashier that says, “Hi.”  That’s all.  Just “Hi.”  will do        it.  I’m not asking for the damn world here on a silver platter.  Just have a freakin clue!


Moving right along…..


  • A good hair day.
  • My kids.  Yes, they make me happy.  I swear they do.  Oh, okay….so I want to beat them several times a day, but after each beating…yep…I am happy with them.
  • My spouse, when he vacuums without me nagging, and he rubs my feet after each 12 hour shift that I work, and he offers to give me a massage without any sex-pectations.   Oh, and he makes me extremely happy when he does all the laundry and cleans the entire house just because I am working night shift 12 hours on a Saturday and a Sunday.   What?  Ok, you are right…he doesn’t do any of these things.  But it sure would make me happy if he did.
  • Quiet.  Peace. And. Quiet.  Simply stated?  Shut the fuck up!


  • My dog.


Nikon 231  

  • My patients at work.  Except for the select few assholes that have me walking up and down the hall just to see if they took a shit or not…most of them make me happy.
  • My days off.
  • A kitchen big enough to have a table in it.  Yep…my kitchen sucks holy fucking monkey balls and I’m not afraid to admit it. 
  • The fact that I used to be “Royalty”.  It is true…you can check out the facts HERE. 
  • My blog…and all the other blogs I read….they make me happy.  I can chill out, drink my White Mocha, forget I have children and read some really good stuff.  What pisses me the fuck off is that I don’t have enough time to do this.  What the hell, Life?  Can’t I just be a mindless, no-responsibility slacker and still make enough cash to pay the bills? 


So….these are just a few of the things that make me happy.  What are YOUR happy things?  Your favorite things?  Leave a comment…I’d love to know!  Maybe I can steal one or two….



Lourie said...

Hmmm...what makes me happy....quiet...harmony in the land (aka...the kida aren't fighting) hubs actually does something without being asked and doesn't sex-pect anything in return. Chocolate. Chocolate is my end all to happiness. :D

gayle said...

What makes me happy ~ top one my grandson!! but you have to wait a bit for one of those:)

Allie Robbins said...

Funny stuff. I love your 'real-ness' (is that a word?)