Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why am I Crying?

Yesterday when I was reading the tweets that were coming in about @AnissaMayhew and how she was in ICU after suffering a stroke, the tears came so easily for this lady that I have not met, I have not tweeted or even followed.  Amazing how many tweets kept coming through with the hashtag #prayersforanissa!  Absolutely A-mazing!
So, I was curious…..who is this Anissa??  What is so great about her?  I checked out her site Aiming Low where she is “taking low to new heights” and thought, hmmmm….pretty interesting.  Then I checked her out at her other site Free Anissa where her tagline reads “With the purchase of an Anissa of Equal or Lesser Value”.  This is when I thought…ohhhh, she’s not only interesting, but funny too! 
From reading through her posts, I have gathered that Anissa is a beautiful lady, has a way with words, and loves her family and friends.  From battling cancer with her little Peyton to planning a Disney Cruise “without family”, she has become an integral part of the social media world.  From all the tweets with #prayersforanissa that I saw last night (and yes, I retweeted as many as I could), I have come to the conclusion that this Anissa Mayhew is loved.  Her family is loved.  Her friends adore her to no end and will put themselves out there for her.  THIS to me is awesome….and I cry. 
I cry because I know how it is to have a loved one sick.  I cry because I am a nurse and have taken care of people that have suffered a stroke and know the recovery time is going to be difficult…. for Anissa….for her family.  But I also cry with amazement because she has such a wonderful support group.  Close friends, blogger friends, twitter friends and facebook friends.  There are so many prayers being said for her at this very moment that she MUST be feeling it.  She sounds like a strong woman……one that didn’t deserve this unexpected twist of fate.
This morning I read a post by @lilmommasmom over at her new blog Worldofmomma where she prays for Anissa and a speedy recovery.  @lilmommasmom is a Twitter friend.  I also read a post by @5minutesformom, 2 sisters – Janice and Susan who have met Anissa….they have worked together…they are friends.  The tweets coming across from @5minutesformom were heart-wrenching…the sisters were devastated to hear of their “precious friend” in ICU. 
Overall, my heart goes out to all of Anissa Mayhew’s friends whether they are in her day to day life, on twitter, through her blogging, or on facebook.  My tears are for the pain each of you is feeling at your helplessnes and shock.  My love and prayers go out to Anissa and her family.  I hope for a full recovery for her, and after reading all about  Anissa, her family, her life which she shares through her blogging….I hope one day I can be blessed with a tweet from her that says “I’m back Tweeps!”  and at that point I will probably cry some more…..
Blessings to you, Anissa….this post was for you from a person who has never met you, never tweeted you, and up until  now…wasn’t even following you!  I bet you had no idea you were so loved!

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andrea said...

That was beautiful! The amount of love and Support pouring out Anissa just goes to show what an amazing and wonderful person she Is!
thanks for the shout out!