Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok…I know it’s been a little while since I last posted, but if you must know…I’ve been helping a friend.  She came to me one day and asked what I would do if I found  out that my husband was  viewing pics on the internet.  I’m not talking about pics of crazy-I-have-to-have-it lawn equipment, or even pics of bikini models, or even p()rn pics…..I’m talking about pics of REAL women….REALLY nekkid or NAKED!!  However you say it, they have no freakin clothes on!!  Apparantly these women are being viewed on and I’m pretty sure you have to do a search for said women in order to view them.  Hmmmmm…..makes me wonder what brings her husband to this point… seach for nekkid/NAKED women….in the little bit of free time he gets.  I’m certain they have a reasonably good marriage, with happy children, but sure….they are under some stress and have little time for each other, but SHE is not searching and viewing NAKED MEN in her little bit of free time!  (who would??)

I told her she needed to confront him.  After all, if you don’t say what it is that is bothering you, it can eat you alive!  You can become a very irritable and nasty person to anyone that crosses your path!  It’s not fair to your children, your co-workers, your friends, or the cashier at the grocery store that you bitch out for scanning your box of Wheat Thins twice.  Most of all, it’s not fair to YOU.  No, it’s not fair at all.

So, she’s been trying to come up with a way to confront him.  She is soooooo NOT the Queen of Confrontation!  She is normally a very quiet person, except when someone does her wrong. (yes, the cashier lady again…)  She thought she might send him an email…..


While I was searching your browsing history to see what you’ve been viewing signing on to Facebook on your computer, I got as far as www.f and a site called popped up.  I was curious as to what this was.  I clicked on it and was then prompted to log in with my yahoo ID.  I proceeded to log in with your my ID and found recent pics of women that had been viewed.  I was shocked! mortified! embarrassed!……….I wanted to beat the living shit out of you…..

Yeah…you see why an email would not work?  She would get so far and her reasonable self would be overtaken by the evil-I-want-to-kill-you self.  She then thought maybe a few words in a text might let him know what SHE now knew and the amount of words would be limited, right?

Text #1  Hey, I was on your computer and found that you were looking at naked women…naked effing women??  come on….REALLY??  (too blunt?)

Text #2  Hey honey…the naked women pics that you were viewing keep popping up on your computer…can you tell me how to stop that from happeni  (out of characters)

Text #3  I am sorry to say that I can no longer look at you without feeling ill……  (just mean)

No…you see….nothing was working for her….she was really feeling lost.  She wanted to scream at him, kick him in the num-effing-nuts but also knows this is a guy thing.  Knows that many guys do this.  She didn’t even want to know WHY he was doing it.  That one was obvious…he’s a MAN!!  But she wasn’t yet ready to forgive him for looking at other REAL NAKED/nekkid women…oh no she was NOT ready to for-give.  She was at the point of needing to punish….punish with a capital “P”.  She thought….oh…..maybe she would blog about it, but then thought maybe that might not be a good idea because who knows who might read her blog and feel sorry for her.  She is so not into the “you poor thing” sentiments……So, blogging was out (for her anyways).  Then she had a plan.  It would take some thinking….and it would take a little bit of devious behavior, but she really did have a good plan….with a little help from her bestest friend…..(that would be me, of course).

This is how it went……..

She made an account….on  Ohhhh yes-she-did!!! …..and she was annonymous to anyone who would see her there.  She posted a pic.  Oh yeahhhhh this is good………………………………… She then invited her spouse to view her pic.  You can do that on……did ya know? 







Well…..Now you do…..

As you can see, she made sure it was not easy to recognize her.  She left him a simple message stating…

“Honey, I love you, but in the future, if you are going to view the naked bodies of other women, please do it from the comfort of your OWN home…which will not be THIS one.”

Seriously people….she does love her man and she would do anything for him as long as he would get down on his knees and kiss her feet but it really felt wrong to her to have stumbled upon what he was viewing.  So, men, boys, spouses, jackasses….if you are going to do such things….yes, they are pretty much harmless, but can you learn to DELETE YOUR HISTORY???  Please??  Otherwise, you might be in the same situation as my friend’s hubby……..embarrassed, probably a little pissed, but definitely……..



WeaselMomma said...

If they have a decent marriage, she should be able to talk to him and let him know that she is upset and why. However, I give her points for originality and perky-ness.

Mike said...

That sucks for him...and her! That was creative however I know that my wife would never do that...I beg her all of the time to send me nekked pics and she doesnt! Now I know that women are naked on Flickr, I am bringing the account I don't use back to life!
Seriously I hope it works out for them. I dont think looking at pics is all that bad but the question is what else is he doing and keeping from her?.......

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

Why are men so compelled to look at naked women. It truly offends me and creeps me out. I know it's "natural", but we are evolved humans and we should be respectful to the other person in our life. I am so terribly old-fashioned in some ways. I cannot stand that society accepts this a "natural" behavior. It also used to be "natural" and acceptable for men to sleep around when married and we don't tolerate that shit anymore. I think she should tell him point blank, "I am so incredibly hurt and angry when I discovered these pictures. I feel ...." But taht is just my two cents...

Terry said...

WeaselMomma- You are right...she should be able to tell him how she feels and I hope that she eventually does!

Mike- don't you dare bring your Flickr account back to life for this! Shame...tsk tsk! And I truly hope her hubby isn't hiding anything else...

Lisa- I's wrong and disrepectful!! But I do know that men tend to do this and most of the time it's for no reason other than they have nothing better to do. I stil don't like it...