Monday, February 20, 2012

A Wrinkle or Three

As I filled my pillbox this morning I thought….WTF?  Am I getting old or what?  I fill my PATIENT’S pill boxes, not my OWN.  I’ve tried filling Mr. Sake’s but I think he’s afraid I will see that he is non-compliant so he nixed that idea immediately.  Said I “messed him up” or something like that.

(insert eye roll here)

I KNOW I have a thousand and one some wrinkles.  Sometimes wrinkles just come with stress.  Sometimes with age.  In my case?  Probably both. 

I wake up looking like this:




See the eye puffiness?


I go to bed looking like this:




Puffiness is less, yes?  No, really….look closely.  See it now?

In all fairness, my kids look like this….




Oh, wait….I have three kids.  Not four.  Or maybe I do have four….??


Anywhoozle, it’s BECAUSE of the kids that I am the way I am.  I had my first when I was just turning thirty.  That wasn’t so bad.  I could deal with one, I was fairly young still, I had it handled.  I was SUPERMOM!!!




Then, somehow, somewhere….ten years down the road another one arrived.  Lil Lady.

Ok, yeah….the oldest was 10, I was nearly 40 but who cares, right?  I can DO this, I told myself. 

And I did it.  Some help from Mr. Sake was well appreciated.  Also had some help from the first born until she got shit upon (literally)….so much for “big-sister-babysitter”.

Then I woke up one morning and saw that there was ONE MORE added to the bunch.  Little Man.

Wherethefuckdidhecomefrom I wanted to know.  And I wanted to know IMMEDIATELY.


images (16)


Seriously.  I’ve been known to sit around and ponder my life and think….where the hell did these short people come from??  And that’s exactly how it feels.

One day it was me and one child, then it was me, a spouse and THREE children.  So, when I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles, I know exactly why they are there.  It has nothing to do with being old.

It has EVERYTHING to do with having kids.

The ones around my eyes are from the countless ways my children can make me laugh.  My oldest has a sense of humor that should be bottled and sold as a cure for PMS. 

The ones around my mouth are from the kazillion times these kids have made me smile.

The ones on my forehead are from “the look” I need to give them when they are doing something that they know I will kick their asses for that causes me to raise my eye brows.

The ones between my brows are a different story.  The kids cannot take full credit for them.  These wrinkles are the most special.  They belong to not only the kids, but the spouse as well.  You know the look.  It’s the are you fucking kidding me?? “what did you just say???”  look.  You know it.  I am sure.  And you know it well.

Regardless, I will embrace my wrinkles each day. 

As for the gray hairs I have noticed popping up here and there? 

There’s an app, I mean, there’s a color for that, I’m sure!!


rainbow hair


Anonymous said...

Kids add a whole other dimension, whether you have wrinkles or not. Speaking of wrinkles, one of the best gals I ever had was a white Sharpay.

WhisperingWriter said...


I always wake up with dark circles under my eyes. It sucks. People always say I look tired. Maybe because I AM!

Lourie said...

I tell my oldest all the time, I started going crazy on September 23, 1997. She has gotten wise to this. She says it happened sooner than that...around September 25, 1993 (the wedding date) hehehe. Kids. Great aren't they?

kden said...

Wow, I feel a lot better about my wrinkles now becaue I earned them! Before I lost 60 lbs. they weren't all that noticeable because the chubbiness filled them out. But now I can see them along with the sagginess, but oh well.

I had my only daughter when I was 36 (hubby was 48, 3rd kid for him). All of my friends had kids in high school and here I was just starting. When she was younger we were often mistaken for her Grandparents. Now I wonder what we're mistaken for ;-)