Thursday, July 21, 2011

All By My Self

There is some part of the English language that I wish I could just do away with.  Oh, for Pete’s sake, I’m not talking about my potty mouth, I could NEVER do away with THAT!  I’m talking about things that I have to keep repeating….Day. After. Day. After. Day.


Do you have to pee??

Are you stinky?


IMG00670-20110702-1149 “Who??  Me??  Not stinky….”


And also I’d like to stop having to say….



Keep your hands to yourself!

Who used my brush??  Where is it??

We do NOT eat in the living room!

Where’s Manny?  (He’s forever disappearing)


manny on tireswing “Here I am!”



There are also some things that I wish my children would stop saying…

Look at me!

Watch this!

Mom!  Mom!  Mom!!

He touched me!!

I can’t see the TV!!

He’s not sharing!!

Where’s Manny?


naked manny “Just going to work, Mom.”


Some things that I hope to NEVER stop hearing…

I love you, Mom!

I did it!  Alllll byyyy My. Self!


Lilli At least her shoes match….this time.


And I would die if they stopped saying….

You’re the best!

Will you sit with me, Mom?

I found him!!


exhausted manny Totally exhausted.



 Some things other people say that make me cringe just a wee bit…

Can I help?  (The help of a three year old does not always end well)

He was here a minute ago…..

I thought you were watching him.  (Oh dear Spouse…..what am I going to do with you???)


Manny I did it!  Allll byyyy myyyy self! 


Now….I wonder WHO on earth taught my Little Man that it’s ok to take a piss off the back of the deck??



Like father.  Like Son.


Happy Thursday!!



Kat said...

Oh this is fabulous! LOL

Kurt said...


One phrase that I BANNED in our house was... "But, Daaaaaaaad!"

It used to drive me crazy. Every time they didn't get their way or didn't like the answer that they got..."But, Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!"


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That picture of peeing off the deck is such a classic!

Whenever I eat something, Hailey says, "Don't eat all uf dem!" She is going to give me a complex!

Tamara Dawn said...

Oh my gosh I can totally related to all of these! Loved the pics =)