Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Pile Of Appendages

The differences between boys and girls is way more than who’s got the balls. 

Seriously.  I have a fourteen year old daughter who was an angel as an infant, not too difficulty as a toddler, a lot of fun as a preschooler, a little trying as a grade-schooler……and now quite challenging as a young lady in high school.

My five year old daughter was just a little challenging as an infant because of her milk allergy, but as a toddler she was brilliant, and now as a preschooler she can probably manage our finances and schedules better than I can.

Now, my Little Man…he just turned FOUR yesterday……he was head-strong as an infant, giving up his bottle on his own before he turned a year old, not wanting to be cuddled before bed, but choosing to sleep in his car seat, climbing everything and anything, being my reason for having to baby-proof my home for the first time evahh.

It’s the Little Man that was the reason for me hollering,

“Do you want me to chop off your hands???”

“CHOP – CHOP!!!”

when I heard him ask his sister,

“Do you want me to flick you??  Do you???” 

Geez….where does he get this from? 

It was also the Little Man that had me asking,

“Shall I cut off your feet too???”

“CHOP – CHOP!!!”

when I saw him kick the dog.

(Trust me here, I did an image search on Google to find a pile of hands and feet to post, and what I got was a bit disturbing so I nixed that idea right away)

I am not proud of threatening to chop off the appendages of my littlest one.  No.  I am not proud.

I had to back track and figure out how to go about this in a not so violent way. 

I truly believe that kids learn some of their behaviors although boys tend to learn a lot of the ones that we wish they would ignore.  Girls tend to learn the “words”…..yeah, I’ve had to cut way back on my potty mouth.

A few days ago while driving home after picking up the little ones, Little Man was in one of his I’mgoingtodoeverythingIcantopissyouoff moods and he was repeating everything I was saying. 

I hate this.

I really really hate this.

But, I am an adult and I know how to ignore.  (It’s just a phase, right??)

Then he started trying to reach over to pull Lil Lady’s hair.  She kept telling him to stop it.  Then he was trying to reach her with his foot while being buckled in his car seat.  She was getting pissed.

Between his evil giggle, repeating what I was saying, then repeating Lil Lady’s “STOP IT!!” every time she said it, the tension in the car was building. 

I holler out,

“Manny!!!  Do you want me to smack you????”

Only to get a response from my Lil Lady Einstein…..

“Mom…..remember??   CHOP – CHOP??”

How about if we just keep our hands to ourselves??

Ok….proud Mommy moment of the year DECADE.  As I was doing a Google search for “keep your hands to yourself” to find an image to add to this here post, guess who’s pic I come across?

First I saw this:


yo gabba

Ok, so Yo Gabba Gabba sings a song about keeping your hands to yourself. 

Then I saw this:




Cute.  I may print that and hang it on my fridge.

Then……and here comes the moment I take a bow. 

I see THIS:




OMG!!  You don’t get it, do you??  That, my dear friends, is

MY Little MAN!!

What on earth is he doing under a Google search for “keep your hands to yourself”????  What have I done???


I am not proud.

No sir-ee.

(But he is awfully cute, isn’t he??)

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Unknown said...

This post made me laugh- my youngest is only 4 months old so I've lots to look forward to I'm sure! He is absolutely adorable by the way- does he get away with much with that cheeky grin?

Unknown said...

LMBO as a mom to 3 boys I totally hear you. Do you know how many times I yell 'THIS IS NOT A WRESTLING RING' or 'IF I HEAR ONE MORE SCREAM OF STOP IT FROM HIM YOU WILL REGRET IT.. ' yeah I totally get it

Kmama said...

That's hilarious that his pictures came up in a google search!!

Boys are a whole different animal than girls. My friends who had girls first and then had a boy kept saying there was something wrong with their sons. I just laughed. Boys are boys.

Thanks for linking up!

Emmy said...

No way! So crazy it came up in the search- though maybe it won't for someone else as Google knows what sites you already go to and finds images you would want. Still pretty funny though.

We have bubbles here- We say to imagine everyone has a bubble around them and if you get too close you will pop it. though yes, this has led to kids slamming into each other saying pop pop! What are we to do?

Thanks for linking up!

Oka said...

Scary about the picture.

Boys are a different species all together. I have 3 myself, and one girl. Worse thing is, I can tolerate the boys stuff much better than the girlie attitude.

Erika . . . with a K said...

Thanks for the laugh... and for not posting the gory pictures! I cant wait to see how my little man is going to be completely different than my 7 year old! I'm your newest follower.

Erika . . . with a K said...

Thanks for the laugh... and for not posting the gory pictures! I cant wait to see how my little man is going to be completely different than my 7 year old! I'm your newest follower.

kden said...

I only have one girl and I'm glad she was a HARD baby and now a great 16 yr. old and not the other way around. She is weird though, as you can read from my latest post. They can push you to the breaking point but when you look at their face in a different light, it all kind of melts away, sorta.

Anonymous said...

Little Man on Google. He's famous. I had two of the little people. Not sure I could have survived a third. Mine are all grown up now and doing their own thing. They even come see me occasionally.